How Can I Perform Mathematical Tasks In C#

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To perform a mathematical operation using C# programming language, you have to use the C# Math class, and the Math class have many methods that allow you to perform mathematical tasks on numbers.

Lists Of Some Math Class Methods In C#

  • Math.Max(x, y): This Math.Max(x, y) method can be used to find the highest value of x and y.
  • Math.Min(x.y): This Math.Min(x, y)  method is the opposite of the Math.Max(x, y) method, It can be used to find the lowest value of x and y.
  • Math.Sqrt(x): Math.Sqrt(x) method returns the square root of x.
  • Math.Abs(x): The Math.Abs(x) method returns the absolute (positive) value of x.
  • Math.Round(): The Math.Round()  method rounds a number to the nearest whole number.

Now, let me explain the Math Class methods above with some code samples:

  • Math.Max(x, y) code sample:

  • Math.Min(x, y) code sample:

  • Math.Sqrt(x) code sample:

  • Math.Abs(x) code sample:

  • Math.Round() code sample:

In C#, Math class comes under the System namespace. It is used to provide static methods and constants for logarithmic, trigonometric, and other useful mathematical functions. It is a static class and inherits the object class.

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