How to Choose the Best Proxy Service For Your Need?

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A simple search will bring a lot of proxies. On the bright side, it gives you several opportunities to pick from. And on the dark side, it makes it difficult for you to pick the most suitable one to use especially if you do not know the one to choose. 

This article will bring to use the basics of a proxy, and the features that every good proxy has. This article will also educate you on how to avoid getting scammed or using malicious proxies.

 You will also be able to tell how to find a good proxy at the end of this article. At first, you will need to know the concepts of proxy. 

Proxy Service

What is The Concept Of Proxy?

In basic terms, a proxy can help you hide your identity while you browse the internet and keeps you anonymous. They act as intermediaries between the users and the internet. 

In that way, they provide security for users against malicious attacks and help maintain your privacy. Apart from these features, there are other wonderful uses of proxies. They include; 

Access Restricted Content

Proxies can help to access restricted content. At times, there might be some content that is not to be shown or some applications that can not be used in your country. 

By using a proxy IP address, you can hide or change your location and it is going to look like you are visiting the sites from another location. 

Creating Multiple Social Media Accounts 

There are various reasons why you might need more than one social media account. For example, a business with several branches and you will like different pages for each of them. 

This might be easy but some social media platforms do not allow a user to have more than one account due to some reasons. Using a Proxy can help you with multiple accounts. 

What Are The Main Types of Proxy Service and Their Uses?

In choosing proxy services, after considering the features, one has to consider the type you want. There are several types of proxies in which each of them has its distinct features. 

Dedicated Proxies 

These types of proxies belong to you for the duration that you purchase them. You get a full permit to all the resources that come with it so you can expect fast network speed and maximum security. They are quite expensive but will benefit you if you would like to have a long-term proxy for privacy.

Semi-dedicated Proxies

These are the kind of proxies that can be shared among a few other users. However, this may slow down the network speeds and you would have to be more security conscious.  On these proxies, you can enjoy their efficiency at a low price.

Rotating Proxies 

Rotating proxies change IP addresses at regular intervals. As so they make it difficult to trace and provide unmatched anonymity. If you would want to scrape data completely, they are the best to look out for as they would run the process seamlessly. 

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Proxy Service?

Ready to select a proxy? These are some of the factors you should consider before picking a proxy. 

Decide What Type Of Proxy Service You Need

As said earlier, there are different types of proxy services. You would be the one to select the one you need carefully. 

Choose A Reliable Seller

You can not run out of options if you are looking for a proxy company. However, not all these proxy firms are legitimate. You have to filter out a reliable seller so as not to choose a low-quality proxy service. 

Consider The Price

Price is also an important factor when choosing a proxy. You do not need to go out of your budget to get a good proxy. 

Try To Inspect The Proxy Provider 

Take a look at the proxy provider dashboard and check out user reviews.

Is DNS The Same As A Proxy?

A Proxy hides your IP and changes it with its IP address, so websites don’t track who’s trying to access the data. DNS does not do that. It tricks the websites into thinking you are from a location that is allowed to access their data.

What Is A Split Proxy?

The Split Proxy allows you to deploy a service in your infrastructure that functions like Split’s servers and is used by both server-side and client-side SDKs to coordinate the flags without connecting to Split’s actual backend directly.


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