Best US Proxy to Use in 2022 (Free and Paid)

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Any random internet user can search for a US proxy and get hundreds of fact-working servers, but many of these servers are not to be trusted.

Free proxies (even a free US proxy server which is common) are very dangerous, and as a user, you need to be careful while using any free proxy. Certain servers are created specifically for activities such as data breaching. Here, your information would be exposed, and these types of data breaches include:

  • Leak of Password
  • Stolen banking information
  • Hacking into user devices and much more.

Also, when using free proxies, even if it is a US proxy, there is no guarantee that you are completely anonymous while surfing the web. You might not be protected and exposed.


If you’re going for a paid US proxy, you should choose a reliable and trusted proxy that can guarantee up to 99.9% uptime.

US Proxy

What is a Proxy?

proxy server is a system that provides a gateway for users to access the internet. This router helps prevent cyber attackers from attacking a private network. 

It is generally referred to as an intermediary because it links the end users and the web page they visit. When you visit a site, it uses an IP address, more like a home address. 

A proxy server is just like an internet computer with its IP address. It provides good security for your computer. 

What is a proxy server

How does a Proxy Work? 

A proxy server is a link between you and the internet because of the IP address. Your computer has that address stored in it, and so when you send a request on the internet, it is routed to the proxy, which now gets the response from the internet and brings it from the page to your browsers like Opera MiniSafariChrome, and so on.

A proxy acts as an intermediary between the user and the web server. The proxy uses a different IP address on behalf of the user; this will hide the user’s real address from web servers. 

To get this well, this is how the proxy works:

  • First of all, type in a website’s URL into your browser,
  • The proxy receives your request,
  • The proxy sends your request to the web server,
  • The web server will send a response (website data) back to the proxy,
  • The proxy server will now forward the response to you.

What are The Different Types of Proxy?

With the important function of the proxy, there are different types of proxy, each with its specific features. 

Forward Proxy 

A forward proxy is used to get a response to a group of users within an internal network. When you send a request, the forward proxy checks it to decide whether to make a connection. 

This proxy type is best used for internal networks that need a single entry point. It provides IP for those in the network and allows direct connections. 

Reverse Proxy

This typically passes requests from the internet through to users in an internal network via a firewall. If the user’s request is allowed, the proxy retrieves this information from the web server and responds to the user. If the user’s request is denied, it sends the user an error or redirects.

Transparent Proxy

This type of proxy gives you the experience you get when using your computer at home. Hence the name “transparency.”

 They are the best for companies that want to use proxy and do not want their employees to know about it. Its unique advantage is that it provides a seamless user experience. 

Anonymous Proxy

The effect of an anonymous proxy is that it makes the activities of a computer untraceable. The way it works is that it would access the internet on the user’s behalf and hides the computer information or user identity.

This proxy is recommended for users who want to remain anonymous while accessing the internet. While it provides some of the best privacy protection, they are not without drawbacks.

High Anonymity Proxy

High anonymity proxy takes your anonymity one step further. This proxy erases your information before it connects to the requested sites. It is needed for users whose anonymity is really important. 


The HTTPS proxy works solely with web content and cannot be used for other data types. These proxies encrypt all web traffic using the HTTPS protocol. 


These type of proxies do not offer their own encryption SOCKS proxy supports SHH, which facilitates secure connections with apps that also support SHH. However, it’s important to note that SOCKS proxies do not guarantee anonymity even with SHH enabled. 

SIP Proxy

This proxy type works as an intermediary between SIP devices (e.g., telephones) through the SIP protocol. SIP proxies regulate all calls within a network by requesting information from the SIP registry and directing calls accordingly. 

FTP Proxy

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) proxy is an intermediary between all traffic via the FTP protocol. FTP proxies allow or deny file transfers based on source, IP addresses, and user authentication.

DNS Proxy

A DNS proxy sends the Domain Name System (DNS) requests from the user to a DNS server. The DNS allows users to enter a domain name (for example, into their browser instead of its IP address. DNS servers will usually connect you to the closest web server in your geo-location. 

CGI Proxy

A CGI proxy, also called the common gateway interface proxy, allows you to access websites anonymously through a web form. CGI proxies are web-based. Therefore they allow users to access the proxy’s services on devices/networks that do not allow proxy configurations. 

Public Proxy

A public proxy, otherwise known as an open proxy/ shared proxy, is accessible by any Internet user from any geographical location. These types of proxies are common and very popular amongst users since they are usually free. 

Private Proxy

A private or dedicated proxy provides individual users exclusive access to a provided IP address. Private proxies favor those who value privacy over the internet and are willing to invest in the higher costs required to access their services.

Mobile Proxy

This proxy type uses IP addresses from devices that use mobile data, e.g., smartphones and tablets. These proxies would serve as a gateway while distributing different mobile IP addresses. It would disguise a user’s IP as mobile to make it seem like the user is connected to a mobile data network. 

Residential Proxy

A residential proxy is affiliated with an ISP. It gives users real IP addresses from a physical location to allow Internet activity. 

 Residential proxy is of two types:

  • Static proxy
  • Rotating proxy 
Static Proxy

This type of proxy assigns users a single residential IP address. It is often less secure than rotating proxies; hackers easily access it. It is also easier to trace than rotating proxies because it operates through a single source. 

Rotating Proxy

Rotating proxy servers assign users with a different IP each time they make a new connection. They are more secure than static proxies as their changing nature makes them harder to trace.

What Are The Benefits Of A US Proxy?

US proxy has a lot of advantages it can bring to your work. Some of them are; 

  • The US proxy can act as a shield or firewall between your computer and the internet. They can deny hackers access to infiltrate your computer.
  • This US proxy helps you avoid unwanted ads or the collecting of IP- specific data. It privatizes your browsing, watching, listing, shopping, or whatever you need from the net. 
  • Another benefit of this proxy is that it allows you to get all the content available in that country with an address associated with the country’s proxy. It will look like you are in the country.
  • You can use it to monitor, prevent and streamline employees from getting into inappropriate or distracting sites. You can block access to whatever website you do not want. Some organizations block any form of social media during work hours. 


Are Proxies Legal In The US?

It is legal to use proxy in and outside the US to stream online content. Not everyone uses proxies for illegal activities. One of the most important legal reasons people opt for proxies is when they have privacy concerns or are entering a website they don’t trust.

When using proxy servers, you have to be careful as you cannot just use any random proxy server you stumble on the internet. You have to use trusted platforms so your data won’t be breached. They might be expensive but in the long always run worth opting for. You can read up on our recommended affiliate here.

Where to Get Free US Proxy Servers

There are several websites you can get a free US proxy from, but you should remember that it isn’t advisable to go for a free proxy as you are making your devices to malicious attacks in which your information can go out.

Free proxies are not as strong as paid ones, so anonymity is not 100% guaranteed. Nevertheless, here are some of the websites you can check for a free US proxy server but note that we cannot be held liable for whatever happens after you use a free proxy.

Best Paid US Proxy to Use in 2022

The best paid US proxy server (2022) is Bright Data. Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, offers one of the best, and we recommend that anyone looking to buy a proxy service would go with Bright Data.

Why is Bright Data the Best Paid US Proxy?

The proxy service provider is owned by EMK Capital (an equity firm based in the United Kingdom). It offers all types of proxy networks and, since its establishment in 2014, has managed to battle it out in the proxy space with major competitors such as Oxylabs.


As an experienced company serving over 15,000 customers worldwide, you get the best web data infrastructure & real-time network performance which would aid the usage of Bright Data’s proxies.

Also, each customer gets a dedicated account manager who would help every user (both tech-savvy and those who aren’t) setup and whenever there is a problem. Their customer service is one of the best you can find around.

Residential Proxy

The proxy provider was also one of the first amongst all proxy providers to introduce residential proxies, which are intermediaries that provide IP addresses via an ISP (Internet Service Providers). These proxies work with every browser, including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and others.

Web Scraping

When it comes down to web scraping, Bright Data offers three (3) tools that they specifically built for this purpose. These tools are:


Their proxies are not cheap, but as they say, the best things do not come cheap. There are five (5) different plans which are:

  • Pay As You Go Plan
  • Starter Plan
  • Advanced Plan
  • Advanced+ Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Bright Data Pricing

These plans are very expensive, and for the first test, if Bright Data is a good option for you, you can pick the “Pay As You Go” option. The Stack Cloud recommends this plan for first-time users. You can get started here.


Using a US proxy server is one of the best ways to access the internet and be anonymous simultaneously. This way, you can rest assured that your data won’t be breached, and there won’t be any need for privacy concerns.

One of the major downsides that we face with using proxies, even if it is a US proxy server or any geo, is that it could be used to carry out cyber crimes, effectively making it harder for agencies such as the FBI (Cyber Crime) or INTERPOL to track down high profile criminals.

However, this being said doesn’t mean that proxies are illegal. Now, what an individual who, for example, purchases a US proxy server does with this server would determine if a crime is being committed or not.

A US proxy server would still be a widely sought-after type of proxy because most websites are accessible in the US.

Many websites or countries that prefer a certain type of audience block their URLs from other geographies. This could be due to different reasons, including the latter’s government banning the former and vice versa. There are hundreds of websites, for example, which are against US laws or pose a threat to the US, and there is a need for such to be blocked in the US. In such cases, US proxies cannot work.

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