What is HTTP Proxy? Differences Between HTTP and HTTPS Proxies

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Regarding proxies, there are a lot of things you should know. The list of things to know is pretty much endless, from what is HTTP proxy to the differences between HTTP and HTTPS proxies. Many people tend to have a lot of questions on their minds when it comes to proxies.

“What is HTTP proxy? How does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a proxy?”. You might ask.

We will be answering the question: how is HTTP, and a host of other questions in this article below.  Let’s indulge you.

what is http proxy

What is a Proxy?

If you want answers to the question “what is HTTP proxy?”, You first need to understand what proxies are and their advantages.

A proxy is an interface between your computer and the internet. It serves as an intermediary between you and the internet. With a proxy, you get access to different things on the internet without putting your computer at risk.

There are different types of proxies you can use when it comes to proxies and the internet in general. We are going to be discussing those types pretty soon.

What are the Advantages of a Proxy?

Before we answer your ” what is HTTP proxy?” The question is, you need to understand the advantages of a proxy. You have got to know why it is beneficial, don’t you?

Below are some advantages of a proxy.

  • Improve Security
  • Balance Internet Traffic

Improve Security

This is the most important advantage of a proxy server. A proxy helps to improve the security of your device.

It does this in a very simple way. Since it serves as an intermediary between you and the internet, it will protect your device from direct attacks from the internet.

Balance Internet Traffic

This is another usefulness of a proxy. With a proxy, you do not have to get worried about the internet being congested. Proxies are always fast, so your internet connection will be much stronger when you use a proxy.

What is an HTTP Proxy?

Now that you comprehend the basic things about proxies and how they work, we can go on to address the question of what is HTTP proxy.”  

An HTTP proxy is one proxy that would interest you. It acts as a filter for traffic received by an HTTP server. 

In simplified terms, an HTTP proxy is a filter that helps to filter traffic from HTTP servers. It also routes commands or requests from your server to the website. It is one proxy that supports rapid data caching.

What is HTTPS Proxy?

Now that we have addressed the question ” what is HTTP proxy?”, It will be smart to give you more information on the other type of proxy, the HTTPS proxy.

The HTTPS proxy is almost the same as the HTTP proxy. They are just slightly different.

The HTTPS proxy is popularly called the SSL proxy. This proxy usually encrypts and decrypts connections between your computer and the website you are trying to access. 

Like the HTTP proxy, the HTTPS proxy helps secure and encrypt your internet connection. It Is one proxy you can use if you are thinking of the type of proxy to use.

What are the Differences Between HTTP and HTTP Proxies?

Now that we have touched on ” what is HTTP proxy” and an HTTPS proxy, I think it is important to know their differences. Below are some things that distinguish an HTTP proxy from an HTTPS proxy.

Caching of Requests

This is the first major difference between the HTTP proxy and the HTTPS proxy. While the HTTP proxy can cache requests, the HTTPS proxy does. You might be wondering what I mean, lemme demonstrate.

Let’s say you access a website with an HTTPS proxy; your history and data from the website will not be stored on your browser. The HTTPS proxy doesn’t cache requests, unlike the HTTP proxy.

Encryption of Data and Information

This is also another aspect that sets the two proxies apart from one another. The data that is controlled and encrypted by an HTTP proxy when received from another website cannot be done so by an HTTPS proxy.


When asked “what is HTTP proxy?” individuals frequently respond in various ways. We have covered the basics of understanding what an HTTP proxy is. When working with proxies, there are a lot of different aspects you should be aware of.  All of these topics, including what proxies are, their benefits, and a great deal of additional information, have been covered in this article.

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